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Welcome to Classic Movies EZ, your place to watch the film classics of yore. Here at Classic Movies EZ you can watch B-movies, you know, movies so bad they are good. For your viewing pleasure you can watch some of the top rated film classics of all times. Looking to watch an old creepy horror movie or perhaps a sci-fi movie of days gone by, you have come to the right place. Great place for Film noir movie lovers or comedy movies of the Golden Age. Watch Humphrey Bogart, Gregory Peck, Claude Raines, Myrna Loy, Vincient Price, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Katherine Hepburn, Abbott and Costello, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, and all the classic movie stars. The list of stars is endless. See them all on Classic Movies EZ. Whatever you film buffs, nostalgia fans, film classic fanatics are looking for you can find it here at Classic Movies EZ. Horror movies, sci-fi movies, film noir movies, comedy movies, thrillers, drama, and even movies for the entire family. All this and more is just one EZ click away! We sincerely hope you enjoy our film classic website and come to see us often.

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Vincient Price

Great Actor
Best Known For
Horror Movies
Mystery Movies
Sci-fi Movies
Boris Karloff

Best Known For
Horror Movies
And The Role He
Played, Mr. Wong
Bela Lugosi

Best Known As
Dracula & Other
Horror Films
But Great No
Matter The Role
Buster Crabbe

Best Known For
His Role In Flash
Gordon and Tarzan
Played In Many
Westerns Too
James Stewart

Known as Jimmy
Stewart. Played in
Comedies, Mystery
Suspense and
Dramatic Roles
John Agar

Played In Many
Sci-fi & Horror
Movies. Tarantula
Is His Best Known
Fay Wray

Best Known For
Her Role In The
1933 Classic King
King And The
Vampire Bat
Lon Chaney Jr

Known Best For
His Role In The
1941 Horror Classic
The Werewolf And
1952 High Noon
George Zucco

Played In Many
Horror Classic
Movies. Known For
His Role In 1943
Dead Men Walk
Lionel Atwill

Is Best Known
His Work In 1933
Mystery Of The
Wax Museum, And
1935 Captain Blood
Anne Nagel

Known For The
Mad Monster, Gang
Bullets, A Bride
For Henry, Winners
Of The West
Peter Lorre

Known For 1931
M, Arsenic And
Old Lace, The
Maltese Falcon &
Warner Oland

Known For His
Role Of The
Crime Solving
Charlie Chan
Abbott & Costello

This Comedy Duo
Is Known Best
For Abbott And
Costello Meet
Basil Rathbone

Best Known In
Role Of London's
Dectective Of
Scotland Yard,
Sherlock Holmes
Irene Dunne

Known For Her
Roles CoStarring
With Cary Grant,
The Awful Truth
Penny Serenade
Christopher Lee

This Actor Has
Done It All, Will Be
Remembered For His
Contributions To
Horror And Sci-fi
John Carradine

Known For His
Contributions To
Horror Movies, The
Grapes Of Wrath,
Cary Grant

The Ladies Man Of
The Classic Comedy
Movies, Known For
Charade, North By
Nothwest, Notorious
John Wayne

Definitely Known
Best for Western
Action Movies, True
Grit, The Searchers
And Rio Bravo
Mary Carlisle

Best Known For
Dead Men Walk,
Girl O' My Dreams
Sweetheart Of Sigma
Chi, Tip-off Girls
Jean Parker

Known For The
Gunfighter, The
Ghost Goes West,
Little Women, The
Flying Deuces
Barbara Payton

Known For Only
The Valiant, Bride Of
The Gorilla, Four
Sided Triangle, Kiss
Tomorrow Goodbye
Dorothy Lamour

Best Known For
Road To Bali, My
Favorite Brunette,
The Greatest Show
On Earth
Loretta Young

The Bishop's Wife,
Favorite Brunette,
The Greatest Show
On Earth
Jack Nicholson

Best Known For
The Shining, As
Good As It Gets,
The Departed,
Edward G Robinson

Best Known For
Key Largo, The
Ten Commandments,
The Stranger, And
Double Indemnity
Kirk Douglas

Best Known For
20,000 Leagues
Under The Sea,
Spartacus, The
Final Countdown
Elizabeth Taylor

Best Known For
Cat On A Hot Tin
Roof, A Place In
The Sun, Giant,
And Cleopatra
Jack Palance

Best Known For
City Slickers, The
Swan Princess,
Tango And Cash,
And Batman

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